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About us

Happy Birthday Memes started as my machine learning sideproject. I have been enchanted by news show up for quite a while and endeavoring to comprehend news algorithmically and how it spreads the world over.

I had a few endeavors at building RSS channel perusers interminably at any rate turns out its an everything thought about troublesome issue to do this at scale and needs machine seeing how to do this truly.

I really had an unbelievable time Twitter yet its hard to track particular fixations at scale and its so wild, its hard to discover new online diaries or tales about your subjects.

Both Google News and Feedly don’t have a way to deal with oversee manage control direct reinforce find new substance or spotlights on specific subjects. Linkedin is in a general sense on a standard with your structure and tend to have end or star related articles and Facebook really sucks at subjects and they on an extremely fundamental level need to demonstrate zones in case they get paid.

What now?

We have a few additional things in Australia, Columbia, Vietnam, Pakistan and China and have self financed.

We would like to offer a stunning model in the running with couple of months doubtlessly around pushing subject streams to Slack or FB Messenger or sharing through Buffer or Hootsuite, in spite of until the point that the minute that what’s more watch we are to a dazzling degree in setting of keeping the crawlers running and making it super satisfying to you.

The essential concern we require is data and suggestion as to parts to make it more crucial. Fill us in the matter of whether there is something you imagine that us will make.

What’s with the Monkey?

The monkey is called Harry, I ran a logo arrange fight and the sharp turning Monkey stand upward to with the glasses helped me to plot my two Nephews Hylton and Harry so I foreseen that would get it 🙂 We other than have another readied Monkey called Dyson (like the cleaner), Dyson’s business is to vacuum each and every one of your tweets up so we can use ML (Monkey Learning) to work out what subjects you like and a while later gather you a strikingly support of stories that coordinate the fixations you are amped up for.